Wk 8 Reading – thoughts on remix.

Remix and the Rouelles of Media Production

The way that remix culture is represented in the eyes of professionals and amateurs involved in the process is a fascinating look at the future of collaboration in the web2.0 environment.Even though remixing has existed in various forms since well before the advent of digital technologies, it is the proliferation of accessable works that will see the practice become ubiquitous. The changing role of the author/creator will see a redefined creative landscape where communities and movements  become definitive – rather than individuals. Consumers, corporations and laws will all have to adapt.

Music is especially susceptible to remix culture as the forms are complex to create, though simple to adapt and transform. the immeadiate response that listeners have to the familiar makes the remix an experiment in perception as well  as an appropriation of labour.

I love the idea of remixing chamber music – completly logical and exciting, though culturally frowned upon…



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