The 3 social networking sites I use most.


My use of Facebook is defined not by my critical analysis of the service, but by my willingness to access the bulk of my contemporaries. As Facebook represents the most popular social networking site amongst my comapnians, I have no choice but to be involved if I want to maintain a sensible level of participation online.


Twitter is so much more than the insolent micro-rants of anybodies and nobodies – the service offers a real-time dynamic information exchange that effectively increases an individual’s capacity for research or communication by a function of the network’s network.

The Andrew Ollie Media lecture, 2010  invited the Editor of the Guardian Newspaper, Alan Rusbridger to speak about news in the 21st Century. He went to great lengths to espouse the versatility of Twitter and the potential it carries for very radical changes in inforation exchange.


Soundcloud represents a very important networking tool for the musician or music industry professional. The efficient hosting of music files (in many formats) as well as embed and social network versatility, the site is unrivalled in its capacity to host sound files online and make them readily and conveniently available for consumption and comment.


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