Sound + Time?

What is the musical equivalent of a time lapse video? Or more broadly – how might you creatively approach time with sound recording or composition?

I imagine the musical equivalent of a time-lapse video to be a work which, like time-lapse, suspends natural perceptions. Perhaps a musique concrete (a song composed from organic or non-musical sounds). It forces one to reconsider the perspective of intention, relevance and state. Much like a time-lapse forces one to re-percieve time and events.

Though with relation to sound creatively playing with time – I imagine a Soundscape that is the aggregate of many city-wide recordings that, when combined, give an overall tone to the various times of day in the city. When sped-up, the recording will become like a throbbing pulse – the beating heart of the city in cycle perhaps.

Rather a lot like the musical version of this:


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