Reading Review

The Apolitical Irony of Generation Mash-up: A Cultural Case Study in Popular Music 

by Michael Serazio

Dangermouse’s grey album represents the most stunningly public confrontation between the corporations (that ride copyright like a giant golden goose) and the creatives/consumers that are willing to flaunt copyright law for a chance to be involved in creative culture.

The author gives perspectives from a range of opinions – but ultimately, the most important one is that of the masses. The masses are committing an act of civil disobedience by profoundly ignoring the laws. I presented supporting research and statistics at length in my essay.

Mash up culture may provide an interesting dynamic where otherwise clashing cultural standards are ironically aligned, though for me, the most important aspect of the mashup is the collaborative nature of the communities. When the mash-up becomes an industry standard that is free of copyright threats, the networked relevance of the original works will only be further strengthened.


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