Essay Skeleton

For my essay:

A photo of my essay notes.

A photo of my essay notes.


I will begin by Defining: “Current practices in music consumption and production”.

Then relate both back definitions back to The Henry Jenkins extract.


The “inventory of tools” allegedly listed by others. Do such lists even exist?

Attempt to define “underlying logic” and “media in transition” from the discussion parameters.

Establish dominent arguments (from discussion parametres) regarding 1. Copyright. 2. Law. 3. Economics. 4. Social practices.

Compare the points established in the previous two sections with the section previous to them with regard to the Henry Jenkins excerpt’s assertion.

How well do these considerations “describe the current media landscape” better than an “inventory of tools and technologies”?


When asked to describe the current media landscape, people most often make an inventory of tools and technologies because…

A focus on  emerging cultural practices is better/worse because…

To finish either: “I have found that rather than listing tools we should understand the underlying logic shaping our current moment of media transition”

or “I have found that listing tools is important because…”


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