Aus-Music Blog: 3 Key Blogs in the Australian Music Industry and (as a bonus) the blogs about them.

I want to start by demonstrating one of the functions of blogs (informal (weak ties) community conversation and convention by way of networked and interactive forums and dialogue) by linking to some blogs that have posted  lists or discussions on the very idea of key blogs in the Australian music industry.

Way Cool Jr. is “an Australian blog that discusses music, marketing and social media. It was founded by Nick Crocker in October 2008 and is now edited by Andrew McMillen.” Nick Crocker posted this list of the top 25 Aust music blogs and, at the end of the post, wrote:

“Remember, this is an objective list, not a subjective one.

It’s meant to highlight some of the great Australian music blogs.

It’s an imperfect list.  Your comments will help to improve it.”

The comment thread at the bottom of the post is full of interesting discussion from interested people. Some with a query as to an exclusion from the list. Some bloggers offering thanks for being included. Other people simply making general comments about blogs, Australian music, etc.

The Australian Index – Music Blogs is simply an index of all the blogs known or endorsed by the index compiler with many links to Aus music blogs.

Sabi’s Aus Music blog produced a top 10 list that “features ten of my favourite blogs, that this year I found myself continually reading”. With likns (of course) to all of them.

It is important to look at key blogs in the context of the greater blogosphere. The ability for a blogger to become relevant in the eyes of other bloggers and to then develop a dynamic relationship with them and their readers is crucial for expanding the influence and relevance of a blog.

It is especially important to note that I found all three of my key blogs by first consulting blog communities for their lists. The combined knowledge of the Aus-blog community is undoubtedly the best way to access information about aus-music blogs!

Electrorash “promotes a wide range of music and artists and the intention has always been to support the artists and their labels rather than posting illegal or unwanted content.”  They are always looking for new music and encourage artists/fans to send them new stuff. This is particulay important as it ests up the ethos of the blog wich is inclusive and an aggregate of community interests and relationships. This blog could be said to be the antithesis of the old-timey record label, preaching from on high as to what we should buy/listen to. developed in order to “document and archive the progress of Australian music. ” This is particularly interesting because it highlights the cooporative proccess that blogs enable. In a sense, every music fan of days gone by was only “documenting” and “archiving” the progress of music in a very limited way: by taking photos, chatting with freinds and buying albulms/merch. But now anyone with a connection can get online and contribute through a blog like this.

A reminder is important as it demonstrates how blogs have broken down traditional barriers in music industry commentary. The blog and blogger were initially based in Sydney. When the blogger returned to his native Canada, the blog continued to flourish. A music journalist from the pre-blog era could have had no chance of retaining efficiency or relevance from the other side of the world.


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