Previous attempts. Good? Bad? Effective? Interesting? Interactive? WHY?

Voopoo dollssite certainly doesn’t extend itself with audio, design or, well, effort.


The entire background is hard-pink. A seemingly unfinished description of the time-line for the production of the site in black text and a single, small, perhaps irrelevant image. Pretty poor…

Organic sound does much better. A cheerfully simple photograph of a home studio where mousing over different elements of the studio (the speakers, keyboard etc) will offer links to specific (maybe relevant to the image?) parts of the site. This “hot image” is not particularly easy to navigate as mousing over does not reveal what you are navigating to unless you peer down to the bottom left of your browser window to see what the browser path description is telling you!

Orgain sound's "Hot image"Mousing over the left speaker for example will link through to audio examples where 5 different examples of tech combination have been described in text – each with its own embedded sound file player. This is a very clever use of incorporated audio. For a more  useful experience, maybe the site could implement a series of drop down menus to allow the user to determine what combination of tech they would like to hear a sample of.

I like the use of the interactive image in Organic sounds and will endeavor to recreate a similar image in my site. I will also be attempting to incorporate audio more cleanly than both the sites I have reviewed.


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