Example websites: What can I learn form them?

Which of these techniques might be suitable for your project?

The waxweb technique (interactive viewing of a feature film) is not going to be useful in my project. It does however serve as an interesting reminder of the interactivity capability of the web.

The spiders show’s a relationship between image and text that I will definitely want to appropriate.Example of The spiders' comic book format.

Which of these techniques demonstrate, and take advantage of, the web’s affordances?

The Waxweb video definately takes advantage of the web’s affordances by having a series of interactive narrative thresholds.

The Spiders takes advantage of the infinitely long-scroll publishing capacity of the web.

What can you learn from each of these projects, about how to better make your project more ‘web native’, and less like a linear, print based project?

Star Wars Uncut “The Escape” from Casey Pugh on Vimeo offers an exciting non-linear format with video as the center-point. Importantly, the videos are created by anyone who wants to recreate a single scene from the  famous film. That scene is then uploaded along side others’  attempts. The various versions of a different scene are then voted for by anyone. the most popular scenes are aligned and re-aligned regularly so that the film is an ever changing response to user inputs. This concept is a fantastic example of engaging with the audience as well as aggrigated content. I will definately use video content in this way on my website.

What can you learn from each of these projects about how to create a more engaging and compelling project, that draws the viewer/ reader / listener into the world of your making?

I have learned that I should find creative ways to engage the audience, that I have a range of mechanisms and concepts available to do that, and, that there are always new and exciting online publishing techniques emerging (many from casual or amateur users). I will definitely be using crowd sourced video and aggregated content. The project I am working on is in fact a mission that can only be accomplished by calling on previously unacquainted persons to collaborate and remain committed to the outcome of the project.

What new creative problems do these projects suggest about your project?

Chiefly, getting people involved in the first place. Starwars uncut utilities so many intense productions by so many involved users. I will have to produce a concept that is enticing enough to get people involved.


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