And… We’re back! Semester 1 2011 – Hurrah!

I’ll begin with a quick description of the weeks 1 and 2 readings:

1). Benkler (2006) has described the causal relationship between communication technologies and network structures. He wrote “It [The internet] is the first modern communications medium that expands its reach by decentralizing  the capital structure of production and distribution of information, culture and knowledge.” Benkler asserts that a “Radical decentralization of intelligence in our communication network and the centrality of information, culture, and ideas to advance economic activity are leading to a new stage of the information economy.”  Referring to what he describes in the article, Benkler writes “It flows from fairly standard economic analysis  applied to a very nonstandard economic reality: one in which all the means of producing and exchanging information and culture are placed in the hands of hundreds of millions, and eventually billions, of people around the world, available for them to work with not only when they are functioning in the market to keep body and soul together, but also, and with equal efficacy, when they are functioning in society and alone, trying to give meaning to their lives as individuals and as social beings.”

Summery: Benkler outlines the change from expensive media broadcast by elite media creators to masses to collaborative media production by networked consumers/creators with a variety of motives as a product of Web 2.0 technologies.

2). Francesca Chiocci (Date of publication unknown) “reports on a research in progress I am conducting during my final year at the University of Siena (Italy)”. The report’s goal is to “examine all the possible uses of music in a hypertext to implement a new conception of multimedia language, so as to make music a real carrier of information and knowledge, at the same level of textual and visual codes.”

Summery: Francesca seeks to experiment with the use of music online. Can music be more than just “an agreeable background”?


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