About: The Pump Shed



The Pump Shed is the story of a young man from rural Australia who has left for the big city to chase his fortune. Unfortunately, he has found himself addicted to drugs and wandering the urban landscape – lost. He carried with him a photograph of the pump shed from the farm on which he grew up. He has recently learned that the pump shed has been ripped down. He remembers the sounds and sights of the shed and they take him back to a happier time. Then, one night, he looses the photograph. He becomes lost. The pump shed becomes a Lost Place.

You can read my essay about the pump shed here.

The pump shed incorporated footage footage from “Re_Picture Australia” by Rossco from the ABC POOL site. (This work licensed Public Domain)

I have published the video on ABC Pool here.

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You can listen to the original track that inspired the film right here.

Or visit Soundcloud here.



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