What is Vimeo? (Clue: It’s an anagram of “movie”.)

Vimeo is a “social video networking” site hosting only user generated video (No adds!). As of March 2010 there were more than 3 million uploads with 16000 new uploads a day. (Lots!)

Vimeo was the 1st site to allow Hi-Def uploads and about 10% of videos are in high definition. (Crisp…)

Users can pay for a subscription to allow more uploads, though all users have a range of file types they are able to upload. (Pro choice.)

Vimeo manages, promotes and encourages forums, collaborations and communities within and around the site as well as hosting festivals. (hippies.)

The community is involved in the governce and regulation of content. (commies)

Essentially, Vimeo is the premium video hosting site of choice for video proffessionals and enthusiasts alike. (try hards like me)

Check it out,

‘Zance. (Cool?)


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